Thursday, 6 February 2014

Day 6

Today, my food was a bit pork-heavy and beige. Beige in colour, not in flavour! To be honest, I was amazed by just how tasty my dinner was - it was like I had died and gone to pork heaven. I am loving my cooking right now. Yay!

I have noticed a weird potential side effect from the Whole 30: my legs keep going numb and tingly when I sit cross legged. Very odd. Otherwise nothing to report.

Scrambled eggs with creamed coconut, pork/beef burger, lettuce, tomato and sauerkraut
Coffee with egg, coconut oil and ghee

Chicken liver and bacon with sautéed onions and cabbage, avocado, topped with a few capers

Coffee with egg, coconut oil and ghee

Pork belly with the best crackling ever (recipe)
Celeriac, onion, courgette and apple, cooked in the oven with some stock


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