Thursday, 26 May 2016

Children of the Sun - Sunscreen Rant III

Start of rant:

We are children of the sun. We have worshipped the sun throughout history. We need the sun to stay healthy. 

So why is it that we think it is a good idea to sit indoors most of the time, sit in the shade when the sun is at its most beneficial (noon!), smear on chemicals that leach into our drinking water and our bodies, then proceed to fry ourselves in the afternoon sun?

Why does it come as a surprise that we get skin cancer?

End of rant. 

Anyhow, if you're curious as to how you can get healthier by soaking up some rays, plug in your ear phones and listen to Daniel Vitalis discussing wise interaction with the sun. Some pretty good pointers, such as:
  • Why you don't want to tan through glass
  • How sunscreen works
  • Sunlight and bacteria
  • Why you don’t want empty vitamin D receptors
  • Negative press surrounding sun exposure and skin
  • Wise interaction with the sun
  • Kids and sun exposure
  • Our skin is designed to be exposed to the sun’s rays
  • What we ingest determines how our skin responds to sunlight
  • Skin cancer myths debunked

Over and out. Cecilia

Monday, 23 May 2016

Post yoga swim - uh-mazing. #paulssonpaleo #yoga #wildswimming #breared

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Kitty Konrad in a bed of wool from the ram. #paulssonpaleo

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Backbends and heart openers tonight. We are letting love into our hearts. ❤️ 7pm at Tallhöjden. #yoga #dhanurasana #backbend #heartopener

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Hej hopp i lingonskogen! Tyvärr måste vi skjuta på #PaulssonPaleo och @freefoot.goteborg :s inspirationshelg till senare i år. Det visade sig att vår marknadsföring kanske kom igång lite för långsamt inför sommarens alla aktiviteter - våra fans är helt enkelt väldigt välorganiserade av sig! Men men, vi ser fram emot att möta höstens färger tillsammans istället. För hösten i Simlångsdalen går inte av för hackor! Tills dess kan du följa vår framfart i skogen på Facebook och bloggen. Med vänliga hälsningar Cecilia, Catharina & Simon #freefoot #paulssonpaleo #paleo #paleoretreat #retreat

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Mum and Dad visited with their friends

Our latest guests that came to visit were my parents and their good friends Bev and Neil. The trip was a birthday present for Bev, who had just had a BIG birthday! As we are in the middle of building our new guest rooms (see post 'PaulssonPaleo is extending'), they all stayed in Simlångsdalen at the local hotel Tallhöjden, in a lovely little cabin.

Dad and Neil successfully extracting 'Old Codgers Rock'

We were blessed with really good weather over the weekend, so we spent the whole time outdoors. As with all our guests, they were all really keen to help us out and work the land. I had joked with Dad that we had uncovered the largest rock yet, in one of our new vegetable beds and that him and Neil should try and move it. 5 minutes later I see Dad and Neil running over to the vegetable garden with a scaffold pole in hand. After a lot of pushing and shoving and some important pointers from Mum and Bev, Dad and Neil had lifted the rock out of the hole and rolled it uphill to a nice little corner, where they stabilised it and made it into a little bench! Perfect…'The Old Codgers Rock' was in place! (not named by me!)

It wasn't all hard work, they did alot of walking as well, the next day after an amazing Sunday roast at Tallhöjden, we all walked to Danska Fall and then back to ours. It is always lovely to wander around the beautiful wooded trails with guests and even though my parents had walked it before, the woods change so much with the seasons that it feels like a different place. Tora came with us to Danska Fall and had a blast singing nursery rhymes and marching though the woods with Grandma and Aunty Bev. They had a song for everything and by the end Tora was absolutely shattered.

Hike to Danska Fall

The next day brought more sunshine and more eagerness to work. We planned out a series of jobs which included filling the new vegetable beds with compost and organic matter, planting some recycled bushes, cutting down and removing some smaller, dead trees from a clearing and making fence posts from the trunks. A very productive day ensued with breaks to say 'Hi' to the new lambs and being held captive by Tora in her house!

Standard days work on the farm

The final day was more relaxed and we spent some time in Halmstad, walking along the river and looking in the shops. We spent time in Halmstad's notorious library, Bev is a librarian so was keen to see the facilities that our fancy library has to offer.

We, thank you all for making the visit so much fun!