Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Scavenging, I mean foraging...

We've been a bit disappointed with our selfsufficiency progress so far. 

Slugs, extended dry weather and very energetic chicks have left some of our vegetable beds a bit beat up. And the grand plans of making sure the soil was covered at all times helped turn our vegetable patch into slug heaven. Farming is a work in progress for us, no doubt...

This week has got us in a pretty good mood though, despite it all. Apart from picking copious amounts of berries (blueberries, red/white/black currants, raspberries), we have found a fantastic source of winter food: celery. 

I know. Odd. 

It turns out that our favourite organic cabbage farmer Mr T has started growing celery. Stores only want the more solid lower part of the celery, the rest is thrown away. When mamma saw this, she immediately asked if we could collect it. Sure thing! So we brought some sacks and filled them with cut-offs of celery. (This made Mr T giggle...)

Now we've spent the last 6-7 hours or so cleaning and cutting up the stalks and drying the leaves for celery salt. I think we're all feeling pretty thrifty today. And will probably be dreaming of bloody mary's all night long. 

To freeze and ferment 
Cat doing her thing
This is A LOT of celery leaves

Not seafood. Just gutted two very naughty roosters. They've been eating a lot of blueberries, lemme tell you. The hens now have a bit of a restful period ahead of them. #paulssonpaleo #paleo #stenålderskost #hedemora

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Beetroot #kvass . Looks like cordial, tastes like a gulp of saltwater, does wonders for you microbiome.

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Yoga cards are a big hit with lil T. New blogpost about my children's yoga teacher training. #yogabuddisar #yoga #yogaforall #kidsyoga

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Learning about Children's Yoga

Colourful props
This weekend, I travelled to the city where I spent four years studying business administration to learn about the polar opposite: children's yoga. I believe that all decisions in life ultimately lead you to where you are supposed to be, so something that seems so distant to me now ultimately led me to where I am today. As a serious 20 year old, I would never have thought that I would as a 37 year old get off the train in Lund with a spring in my step to spend a whole day immersing myself in children's yoga. 
Adults doing kids' yoga: making a big flower
What an amazing day with Magdalena Lagerström from Shriyoga! Loads of giggles and inspiration. We learned how to teach breathing and movement to little ones. How to make yoga fun filled and creative. How to talk about posture. How yoga can balance out all the stress and activity in a child's life. 

There were a load of peeing dogs, roaring lions, sniffing rabbits and some fun group and friend exercises. 
Double boat - friend exercise
Now I just need to find some kids to try my new skills on... Movement, breathing, friendship and relaxation for all! Who's up for it?

Friday, 8 July 2016

Sorting through tons of blueberries. Aptly dressed in blue. #paulssonpaleo #blueberries #selfsufficiency

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The usual: veg, veg, veg and veg, with a side of meat. #paleo #paulssonpaleo

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Imorgon är det äntligen dags! Nu ska jag lära mig om hur barnen kan ta del av yogans värld. #yoga #rajayogalund #barnyoga

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Beef heart: two dinners, loads of cat food, plenty of tallow and a bit of pretend popcorn. Blog post on blogspot. #paulssonpaleo #paleo #grassfedbeef #offal #lindegrens

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Something for You, Me and the Cat

I'm making beef heart tonight. It took me pretty much TWO hours to cut up two big hearts. 

Cooking takes up a lot of time in this house, but then again, we do almost everything from scratch and it is a conscious choice we made when we moved here. 

The nice thing about cooking like this is that nothing goes to waste. Nothing. I guess that is part of the reason cooking is so time consuming. 

The meat is enough for two dinners for us. The trimmings are for the cats (they eat almost exclusively raw meat or fish). The fat is rendered to tallow, that we use for frying eggs, meat and vegetables (as I am off all dairy, this is a "necessity"). The scraps that are left after the fat - crispy brown pieces of fat - are salted and eaten like popcorn... Yum!

Dinner, cat food and tallow

This little beauty is kohlrabi in the making! So excited to taste it. #selfsufficient #organic #eatyourgreens

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