Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Day 4

According to the Whole 30 website, today I should feel like 'killing all things'. I don't though (at least not more than usual). I feel remarkably normal, I just lacked energy this morning. That was probably down to not having coffee with breakfast and instead having it between breakfast and lunch. I won't be doing that again! Oh, I've also noticed that my sleep is getting a bit worse. I haven't had any trouble falling asleep since Lil T arrived, but I have the last couple of nights.

So this was the menu today:

Frittata with spinach, cauliflower and the very last of the brisket
Served with sauerkraut

Coffee with egg, coconut milk and ghee

Soup with left over mince meat
Side of fried egg and salad (grated celeriac, courgette and green cabbage, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil)

Mug of stock

Pork and beef burgers with salad, tomato and mayonnaise

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