Monday, 17 February 2014

Dairy Fantasy

I went round to the farmers market in Marylebone on Sunday for some vegetables. As I meandered along, I found a stall selling raw dairy. The sales guy looked something like Stålfarfar:

I like my men hirsute
He gladly shared his best conspiracy theories with me, along the lines of “the government doesn’t want us to know that pasteurization makes dairy poisonous”. After a non-committal reply of “uh-hum”, I was offered lumpy month-old raw milk. Despite my curiosity, I had to decline his kind offer, blaming it on my dairy-free February. I did promise to come back next month though. Which I will. You see, the beauty of raw milk is that it may go lumpy, but as opposed to pasteurized milk, it will not rot, just go sour and still be very much edible. Plus fermented dairy has the added benefit of being easier to digest for people who can be dairy sensitive.

There you go, first item on my “Leaving London Bucket List”. Drink clotted milk.

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