Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Barbie Sauerkraut, Jawohl!

Sauerkraut is sexy food, way up there on the hottie list with liver and bone broth.

Because I have come to love my sauerkraut so dearly, I whip up a batch every two weeks or so. It goes with everything (ok, fine, maybe not ice cream), keeps your gut bacteria extremely happy and tastes bloody awesome. Here's one I made earlier. ;-)

The kraut of queens 

Grate a cabbage (need I say an organic one, please!) very finely. The finer, the easier and faster it starts fermenting, I find.
Add some salt, perhaps one tablespoon.
Get your hands dirty and knead the cabbage with the salt until it starts "watering".
If you have an old sauerkraut batch, add some juice from that to get things going even quicker. For a Barbie look, use your old red cabbage one. :-)

Put a plate on top of the cabbage, with a weight if necessary, so that the "water" covers the cabbage. Leave in a darki-ish and cool place to start fermenting. Check on it once a day. Once it starts smelling a bit sour, put it in jars and refrigerate.

You can add all sorts of stuff to the cabbage, such as ginger and garlic and stuff, plus use all sorts of veg. Start a'googling and go crazy.


  1. Cecilia, you should start making kimchi - it's exactly the same thing but with spices. Very good for you, too.

  2. By the way, that kimchi comment was from your Korean friend Min.

  3. Kimchi is delicious, too. Do you have a recipe to share, Min?

  4. Ha ha, I figured it was from you! Yeah, funnily enough, I was thinking of you when I made this last batch. I will certainly have to dig out a kimchi recipe in your honor!