Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day 20!

It's day 20, which means that I am 2/3 through the Whole 30. I can't quite believe that 20 days have gone by already and that there are only 10 days to go. On the one hand, it feels like this way of eating has become completely natural and I don't struggle for meal ideas. On the other hand, I look forward to...
1. being a little less awkward as a guest (I'll still be awkward after this)
2. being able to eat out (I'll still be awkward there too)
3. randomly, eating some cured meat (I am sure there are some good chorizo sausages out there that are W30 approved, but I will just wait till the 3rd of March to be on the safe side)
4. ...and maybe having some ice cream

When it comes to my well being, I don't really feel any different and I thought I would by now. My stomach is no flatter and I still suffer from gases. I am still tired and I have days when my legs feel like they are filled with lead. The last couple of days, I have tried to increase the amount of carbs that I eat to get some more energy, but I honestly struggle to get up to 50g per day. I still want protein to be the main feature of my meals, because it is satiating and too many carbs just make me hungry quickly.

Anyway, this was my celebratory 20th day dinner: rainbow trout fillets with sautéed kale, shredded raw veggies and garlic/chilli mayonnaise. It was one of my best dinners yet!

Oh, and here is one of my favourite lunches from a couple of days back: bacon and chicken liver with  fried leaves from a cauliflower (it doesn't get more frugal than that), apple and leek. Yum!

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