Sunday, 2 February 2014

Day 2

So it was day 2 today and I can't say I feel different from yesterday or the day before. Still tired after another night with many wakings and my stomach is as gassy as before. What made me feel better was that I managed to soak up some weak London sunshine while walking back and forth to Cecilia's pad (total 2 hours) and doing some sprints. Cecilia cooked up an amazing Whole 30 approved lunch, which kept us full for hours. Thank you!

This is what I ate today:

Tomato soup: the liquid from the pressure cooked brisket from last night, with some brisket and grated cauliflower added in
Coffee with egg, ghee and coconut oil

Lamb burgers with sweet potato chips, tomato salsa, mayonnaise, baba ghanoush and red pepper.
Roibos tea

Curry flavoured turkey mince with mushrooms, leek, garlic, fresh coriander and creamed coconut
Steamed carrots and brussel sprouts
Large steaming mug of stock

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