Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Stock Experimentation Mode

We consume a lot of stock in our house, mostly as a hot drink alongside a savoury breakfast or as a quick way of creating soup for lunch. With a pressure cooker, making stock is a quick, easy and CHEAP way of creating wonder food. In addition, it feels good to make use of parts of the animals that would otherwise go to waste!

For this week's stock of stock (har har) mamma and I decided to go a bit crazy in the meat aisle. We've done pig's trotters before:

Dainty little trotters
But these little beauties were a first (ok, fine, they look pretty gross even to me):

As we say in Swedish: griseknorr
Verdict to follow!

The only little pesky detail is that although these pigs are of Swedish origin (as opposed to Danish, brrrr), they were conventionally reared. :-( I am working on finding ways of sourcing ethically reared meat, but it will take a bit of time. Watch this space!

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