Thursday, 24 April 2014

Rediscovering Your Inner Child (Moose on a Stick)

I don't remember the last time I built a campfire. And I haven't felt the urge to build one since childhood either. So when Aurelie and Kai suggested we get some moose meat out of the massive chest freezer in the cellar, buy some wine and go build a fire somewhere, I wasn't really too keen. I just wanted to sleep!

But I got my ass in gear and marinated the meat, Aurelie sharpened some sticks and Kai organised the wine, and we set off after clearing out the barn for the evening. I didn't think I would have any wine, so Aurelie kindly filled a thermos with water. "Unfortunately", we needed the thermos to carry lake water to contain the fire, so I had to wash down the moose meat with wine anyway, what a chore! (Not)
Posing with meat on a stick
In the end, we spent a fantastic evening by the fire, consuming a helluva lot of moose (all 3 courses consisted of moose on a stick) and an awful lot of wine. Some of us are paying for it today. Funnily enough, not me! :-) Maybe because I consumed the most moose? 

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