Thursday, 3 April 2014

In Praise of Scanian Gastro Geeks

I spent my first day in Sweden doing what I do best, yap with strangers, preferably about food and fodder. I figured I might as well put my new business cards to use right away. First up was soup mecca Buljong, followed by Saluhallen, Lund's indoor foodie market.
Soup kitchen extraordinaire
What first struck me was how passionate people are. The soup enthusiast founder of Buljong who never compromises on local & seasonal ingredients (no Swedish asparagus this year = no asparagus soup, deal with it). The mustard farmers at Petersborg who wouldn't dream of spoiling their products with additives (e.g. citric acid, aka mould and solvent). The butcher at Holmgrens who prides himself in minimal wastage:
Meat proud butcher
The second thing that struck me was that my private little fear of not finding likeminded people is unfounded. Although I had surprisingly few hesitations about ditching my previous career and going off on a paleo tangent, I have been ever so slightly fearful of how my fellow countrymen would receive me. Being a Londoner meant being just another (weirdo) foreigner among other foreigners, a perfect parallel universe for an expat kid. But these people blew me away! Passion, enthusiasm, fire in their bellies. Oh yeah, this is going to be good...

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