Monday, 28 April 2014

Cows with Attitude

I have now spent two and a half days at Höö and I've already made some friends as well as enemies. My fellow wwoofers Aurelie from France and Kai from Sweden have been here for a bit longer and have kindly showed me the ropes. Lovely people and great company in and out of the barn!
Viking Kai with his second breakfast
The cows, on the other hand, have the attitude to go with their heritage pedigree. One massive thigh bruise (and a smaller one on my arse) from a horn and I have learnt my lesson of not trusting them. We're obviously going to have to learn to get along, or otherwise milking is going to be veeeery tedious in the next few weeks. Three litres isn't impressing anyone.
If you squint, you can actually make out the squirt of milk...
What is impressive, however, is the wide range of poop art produced by the cows. Here's a selfie with poop from little miss priss (Doris), before I milked her. Enjoy!

Really, you should be impressed, cause the boys produce something veeeeery different

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