Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Chicken Anatomy

Roast chicken is a favourite in our household. I like leg and Simon likes breast, so it's perfect for us. Anyway, I wanted to try out "spatchcocked" chicken from the NomNomPaleo app. It looked so good and the chicken roasts faster and more evenly than when doing it whole.

I took out my scissors and kitchen knife and attacked the bird, removing the backbone, flipping it open, seasoning with salt and pepper, rubbing in some fat in the skin... Only when I was supposed to tuck in the wing tips did I realise that I got the anatomy back to front and had not removed the backbone at all, but instead removed cartilage between the chicken breasts. Oops! I think I need to work on my chicken anatomy before I become a butcher!

It clearly wasn't a complete failure though. The skin crisped up nicely and the chicken roasted in under an hour instead of 80 minutes. It just wasn't quite the way I had intended.

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