Sunday, 24 November 2013

Brassica Napobrassica!

2013 has been an extremely good year for this root vegetable. Out of all the vegetables we planted in our garden at the beginning of the year, the crop with the largest yield has been the good old Swede. I am not entirely sure why it did so well, but it grew in abundance and completely over shadowed its smaller rooted brother, the beet.

Needless to say, we finally succumbed last weekend and dug them up. We now have a box full of Swede in the shed and last night we roasted a couple to see how they tasted. To our horror they had an extremely strong bitter taste and were pretty inedible, disappointing to say the least. After a bit of searching online we found that as the Swede is a hardy veg, it actually likes the cold weather and is very much like a Turnip in that it requires a good cold frost to turn some of the starches into sugar.

We have now taken the box out of the shed and are hoping that the colder weather sweetens the Swede! We’ll keep you posted on whether the cold improves the taste.

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