Monday, 25 November 2013

Boiling Bones

So, my new food experiment involves boiling bones to make a grey jello-like substance, aka broth. As with all my food experiments, it looks pretty grim, but tastes, well, ehem, yeah, ok.

So why do it? The theory behind paleo is that our ancestors would have eaten the whole animal and let nothing go to waste, i.e. nose to tail. The modern way of eating focuses on eating all the pretty bits (fillet, anyone?), whereas the offal and bones and skin and tendons and tougher pieces of meat often get left in the bin. Unfortunately so, as these have some very important nutrients that we now look to supplements to get. Cheapo as I am, I reckoned I would give a few pence to my butcher for some bones rather than go to Holland & Barrett to buy another overpriced bottle of pills…

Supposedly, bone broth will make my gut happy, my bones and joints stronger and my skin glow. We shall see! Until then, I shall be enjoying my bizarre new hobby. Lemme know if you know where I can find a bunny to boil? 


  1. Cecilia, Koreans have been boiling bones for ages! The key is to boil once, throw that water out (the "dirty water"), then boil again for a long long long time. You should try oxtail - so good. :) Min

    1. Ooooh, thanks for the tip, Min! Interesting about the "dirty water", will give that a go. Oxtail, yes! Have used that once as well, LOVELY soup. :-)