Sunday, 2 March 2014

Mummy Workout

Russian twist with wiggly baby
Last weekend, we had a visit from our lovely friend Sevan who happens to be a personal trainer and mother to a six month old little charmer. As usual when we meet, we talked about nutrition, training and babies. It is no secret that I am not in the same shape as before pregnancy and I struggle to fit any kind of workout into my daily routine. As the good friend that she is, Sevan won't let me get away with those kind of excuses and had a great solution to my problem: doing mini workouts with baby, i.e. either keeping eye contact (and making funny noises) or using baby as a weight (similar to working out with a medicine ball!).

Here are some exercises that I can do in the comfort of my own living room:

1. Squats with or without baby
2. Lunges with or without baby
3. Front raises with baby (straight arms)
4. Plank next to baby or above baby lying on the floor
5. Press ups, like the plank
6. Bench press with baby (definitely laugh inducing)
7. Sit-ups while lifting baby from behind your head to the front of your body
8. Russian twist, lifting baby from side to side
9. Calf raises with or without baby

The possibilities are endless! Lil T's favourite seems to be the sit-ups with her flying over my head.
Attempted press up


  1. I do love lil T's big reusable nappy bum :) and yours is v small by the way!

    1. Mwuah! Thanks to you I now fit in a few exercises every day. Feels really good!