Thursday, 6 March 2014

Castle Bangers

When I told my friend D about my dream of some kind of organic farming enterprise, she suggested we go visit her aunt in the Lake District. Aunt Jane and her partner Chris run Askerton Castle organic farm, rearing pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas and various types of birds.

Today was obviously my lucky day, because Jane was making sausages in the butchery and was happy to show me the ropes.
Wannabe butcher posing with sausage meat
Once the pork had been ground up with spices and oats, it was time stuff it into another machine, hook up a sheep or pig intestine to it and start making sausages. 
Stuffing pig intestines, easier said than done
After that, Jane showed me the ultimate party trick, the twisting of sausage links. Apologies to the customer who may have one or two ripped Cumberlands in his vacuum pack... They were mine.
Clearly out of my depth

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