Monday, 3 March 2014

The Day After the Whole 30

And then there was chocolate again
So that's it. 30 days of strict paleo over and done with. I feel remarkably indifferent to the whole adventure. It was good to try it out, but I can't see or feel any major changes compared to before the 30 days. The biggest gain was hitting the 'reset' button and not accepting any rubbish or even suboptimal food in my diet for the duration. Once you set your mind to it, it is easy to just say no. I hope to keep some of that resolve.

In summary, these are my observations from the Whole 30:

1. 1cm lost around the waist. Disappointing! But then I did really enjoy the food.

2. 1kg lost. I don't own any scales (I don't see the point), and this was measured on two different scales. Scales vary so much that I'd say the weight loss is statistically insignificant. Never mind... I don't really need to lose any anyway.

3. My energy levels are unchanged. Might have more to do with lil T waking me several times per night.

4. My stomach is still playing up. Dairy, sugar, alcohol and processed foods weren't the culprits.

5. Dairy is nice, but not necessary. I'll be indulging in some, but will continue using little at home.

6. It was easy to remove sugar from my diet because I basically did all my own cooking (from scratch). I'll continue doing this at home, with the exception of some high quality and high percentage chocolate once in a while.

7. Liver is awesome.

All in all, I quite enjoyed the Whole 30 and I think I will do another one at some point. Maybe in January, like everyone else.

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  1. Yeah, February wasn't the best choice of month... :-)