Thursday, 13 March 2014

My First WOD

Getting up this morning was a bit of chore, to say the least. Those two glasses of wine might as well have been a triple espresso, because I did not sleep at all last night (is this just me???). However, lovely officer M, the CrossFit instructor, had to reschedule our first proper training session for early this morning, so I gladly sucked it up and downed my egg coffee and bacon & eggs and set off through the early morning mist to Vauxhall.

My first ever WOD included the following (to be down with the CrossFit kids, you need to learn an awful lot of acronyms, WOD means Workout of the Day):

20 x squat
15 x sit-up
10 x hang power clean
5 x pull-up

The goal of this particular WOD was to see how quickly I could do 3 of these sets in a row (and not croak). Overall time was 9 minutes and a bit and I actually felt pretty damn awesome afterwards. Not sure what it is about this stuff that just gives me a kick!
About to die during last set
After trying out a few more exercises (box jumps being my new favourites for trying out in the park), I walked home again. What took me 1 hr and 10 in the morning probably took me more than twice as long. Not sure if I should blame that on being unfit (how hard can ten minutes of exercise be?) or the sunshine. :-)

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