Monday, 17 March 2014

A Sentimental Note on Recycling

I am slowly but surely going through all the bits and pieces of my 7 years in London, bringing some kind of order to the flat ahead of my parents' arrival later this week. Finding these brought a wistful smile to my face.
A full pack as well! Soon to be found in a toilet roll near you. 
No, there was no ritual burning, just a little sad but relieved sigh as I dumped them into the recycling bin. Of course I feel the occasional twinge from missing my old colleagues. The smiles (or, to be fair, grunts) that greeted me in the morning. The casual chats over the years that gave me random glimpses into their lives and personalities. The little dramas shared.

I know that although many of these lovely people will fade away, some will continue to be around in the periphery of my new life. And that is all I can ask for, as I move to a very different phase.

On that uncharacteristically sentimental note... I will be popping outside for my daily three hour walk. Cheerio! :-)

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