Sunday, 8 December 2013

Cheap Cuts of Meat: Being Adventurous and Frugal

We like a good Sunday roast and our friends served up a great one last weekend using a recipe from Save with Jamie. It was so good that I wanted to attempt it myself. The recipe is definitely paleo friendly if you skip the Yorkshire puddings and the potatoes*.

The best bit about this particular roast is that it uses brisket, which is a cheaper cut of beef, but has loads of flavour and when roasted long enough has that great stringy texture. I got my beef at the farmers' market in Parliament Hill from Tori and Ben's Farm, 1.6kg longhorn beef brisket for £10/kg. After four hours in the oven it was served up with mash of swede, carrot, kale and chard, sauerkraut and horseradish.

For reference, the brisket is here:

* There is much discussion in the paleo community on whether potatoes are paleo or not. Personally, I will eat a potato once in a while, especially a well roasted one, but I try to not eat too many due to their antinutrients (see this explanation) and also because I aim to eat relatively low carb.

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