Saturday, 7 December 2013

Ghee Rhymes with Pee ( and Kind of Looks Like It Too)

When I realized that I may not tolerate great amounts of dairy, I eliminated most of it pretty quickly. Although hard to say no to when presented with it at a dinner or party, it proved to be pretty simple to ignore in the supermarket when shopping. So far so good.

What I struggled with was how to find a decent substitute for butter to fry in. The answer was ghee. Although still dairy, most of the offending proteins and sugars are eliminated when preparing it, making it an excellent cooking oil that tolerates heat like few others (my lovely olive oil never comes close to my frying pan...).

Get your workhorse to fetch some organic, grass fed butter.

Dump it in a large saucepan. Turn on low heat.

If you're bored, watch it simmer and skim off the white gunk on top. If not, let it sink to the bottom and go have breakfast (you might want to check in on it after 20).

Once all the water has evaporated (no more water vapors wafting up from saucepan) and the proteins are starting to brown on the bottom of the pan, turn off heat and pour through a hanky into clean jars. Yes, it looks like something the nurse will collect as a sample.

But this is the end result. Creamy, almost caramel-like in texture and flavour. Delish.

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