Friday, 8 July 2016

Something for You, Me and the Cat

I'm making beef heart tonight. It took me pretty much TWO hours to cut up two big hearts. 

Cooking takes up a lot of time in this house, but then again, we do almost everything from scratch and it is a conscious choice we made when we moved here. 

The nice thing about cooking like this is that nothing goes to waste. Nothing. I guess that is part of the reason cooking is so time consuming. 

The meat is enough for two dinners for us. The trimmings are for the cats (they eat almost exclusively raw meat or fish). The fat is rendered to tallow, that we use for frying eggs, meat and vegetables (as I am off all dairy, this is a "necessity"). The scraps that are left after the fat - crispy brown pieces of fat - are salted and eaten like popcorn... Yum!

Dinner, cat food and tallow

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