Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Scavenging, I mean foraging...

We've been a bit disappointed with our selfsufficiency progress so far. 

Slugs, extended dry weather and very energetic chicks have left some of our vegetable beds a bit beat up. And the grand plans of making sure the soil was covered at all times helped turn our vegetable patch into slug heaven. Farming is a work in progress for us, no doubt...

This week has got us in a pretty good mood though, despite it all. Apart from picking copious amounts of berries (blueberries, red/white/black currants, raspberries), we have found a fantastic source of winter food: celery. 

I know. Odd. 

It turns out that our favourite organic cabbage farmer Mr T has started growing celery. Stores only want the more solid lower part of the celery, the rest is thrown away. When mamma saw this, she immediately asked if we could collect it. Sure thing! So we brought some sacks and filled them with cut-offs of celery. (This made Mr T giggle...)

Now we've spent the last 6-7 hours or so cleaning and cutting up the stalks and drying the leaves for celery salt. I think we're all feeling pretty thrifty today. And will probably be dreaming of bloody mary's all night long. 

To freeze and ferment 
Cat doing her thing
This is A LOT of celery leaves

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