Sunday, 22 November 2015

In the Nick of Time!

Our lovely neighbours have let their huge field in Gårdshult to us, meaning that we could put off feeding hay to our sheep for an additional month. Two hectares go a long way, it seems, even when the grass has stopped growing. 

Being complete beginners when it comes to sheep, we try to keep our eyes and ears trained on the sheep and their habits to ensure that they are happy and healthy. Not that easy, as we have nothing to compare to! A few days ago we did notice that they had started eating heather, which doesn't feature much on their usual menu, so we figured it was time to take them home. 

Si bringing home our lovelies
We've got some grass left in two of our fields, so we thought they could eat that for a few days before we start them on our homegrown diet of dried summer grass (aka hay). We're just a tiny bit nervous about it. What if they don't like it? What if it isn't up to their standards? What if we harvested it all wrong and now it doesn't contain the right nutrients??? The things that you worry about as a new "farmer"...

Anyhow, it seems we brought them home in the nick of time. I am so glad that they are now just outside the house, so we can keep an even closer eye on them. As much as we enjoy running back and forth between our house and Gårdshult, this feels safer. 

The snow doesn't seem to faze them

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