Thursday, 5 November 2015

Paleo Talk in Stockholm

Monday was a big day for the PaulssonPaleo Posse (great acronym, PPP...). Cat, Si and I went up to Stockholm to give a talk on paleo and what it means to us, all arranged by Swedish Paleo

I am so in love with this picture, courtesy of my amazingly creative brother-in-law Si. 
The theme of the evening was paleo and how our change in diet lead to some pretty insane lifestyle changes. We wanted the audience to understand how paleo can entail more than just eating in a certain way to stay healthy. It has come to permeate everything we do, including how we view our environment, what chemicals we choose to remove from our lives, how we move, how our lives are governed by daylight as well as seasons and how important community has become. 

Not only was this a great chance for us to inspire and talk to likeminded people, it also gave us a chance to look back on how far we've come in just a few years.  Like Si said, perhaps this is something we should do on a regular basis. It made us APPRECIATE just how far we've come. Sometimes you just need to stop, look and listen.

Chatting to guests afterwards. Courtesy of Swedish Paleo/ Cecilia Nisbeth Nilsson.  
Anyhow, we're now back in the sticks, digging and shoveling (shit) to our heart's content. :-)

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