Monday, 9 November 2015

Do You Eat Offal?

When we moved to Sweden, our food bills went through the roof. We had to do something about the meat... Eating grassfed meat is expensive, even if you only buy the cheap cuts.

So we started exploring offal. Not only is offal relatively cheap, it is a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals not otherwise found in muscle meat. Also, as conscientious meat eaters we were feeling increasingly uncomfortable NOT eating the "other bits" of the animal. Today we eat liver, heart and tongue on a weekly basis and make bone broth daily. 

We recently shared our passion for offal in a course at our local hotel Tallhöjden. Five gentlemen showed up, eager to learn a few tricks. Imagine our surprise when all of them confessed to already eating offal. And to being hunters. That sure put a bit of pressure on the teachers...

Liver, heart and tongue! And a few other bits and bobs. 
It all went down a treat, though! We made liver pâté, flash fried marinated heart and boiled (and fried) tongue, served with seed crackers, carrot sticks and sauerkraut. I admit that the condiments were lacking a bit, given just how much meat ended up on the plate...

We had so much fun that we forgot to take photos until after dinner...
The one "complaint" that our participants voiced was that we could have gone a bit more advanced. Brain, lungs, you know, the PROPER icky stuff. Next time, next time. We need to do a bit more product development first! :-)

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