Monday, 7 July 2014

Walking Home Alone

Walking home through the balmy summer night in Stockholm is hard to beat. You feel alive! You feel free!

But as a woman, you're also pretty likely to feel afraid. And perhaps a bit pissed off because you're constantly looking over your shoulder.

I love walking. It's meditative. And I really detest waiting for buses and trains if I know I can easily walk instead. But there is always that same conversation that goes through my head. What if this is the one time that someone decides to follow me and do me harm? Do men have that same conversation before going for a simple walk? Does fear of being assaulted make you stay put when you'd rather be out there breathing the night air? If you do decide to venture out there, do you do it  with a clenched fist full of keys, just in case someone decides to jump you?

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