Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Confessions of a Sniffer

I've always had a habit of smelling people that cross my path. As long as I can remember, I would time my breath intake to coincide with the "tail wind" of the person walking or running past. Maybe everyone does this? Or maybe I'm just weird. I'm sure it's got some evolutional advantage, perhaps it's a way of quickly checking the status of the dude or dudette on the path ahead of you: friend or foe, angry, afraid or happy to see you.

Clearly angry, with a touch of passive-aggressive 
Anyhow, unfortunately for the sniffer in me, I tend to get a nostril full of chemical trail instead of a proper reading of the person's hormonal status. And it makes me recoil every time, wanting to rinse my sinuses.

So why do we want to mask the way we smell with something made in a lab? Why do our clothes, hair, armpits, skin need to smell so screamingly, unnaturally, goddamn FLOWERY all the time?

Because we're SUCKERS, my dear friends. Because we've been had, big time, by marketeers who want us to obsess about our bodies and bodily functions, making them heaps of money in the process. Perhaps something to think about next time you reach for that chemical laden "beauty" product...

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