Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Among Fellow Nutri-Nerds

I'm now three days into my course and my brain is pretty tired. Talk about full on! 

Key take-away 1:
The body is an awesome thing. Wow. I am obviously only scratching at the surface, but this course makes me wish I had paid more attention in biology. Hot damn, I'll be caressing my right ribs tonight, thanking my liver for being the most awesome organ of the day. And no, alcohol has nothing to do with this new respect. 
The lovely in the corner didn't say much but had a rather expressive left eye
Key take-away 2:
I am usually the weirdest kid on the block. I run barefoot through big cities. I don't use shampoo. I put eggs in my coffee. But here, I'm not so sure. Some of these people run circles around my "obscure" reading list and name-drop people I've never heard of. Awesome! Plus they can even pronounce Tarahumara, the name of the Mexican "running" tribe in Born to Run, that also served as inspiration for the huarache sandals I wear. Funny how "my" little subculture suddenly feels mainstream, ha ha! 

My almost mainstream Jesus sandals 

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