Sunday, 27 December 2015

Coffee Fingers

Cat already wrote about quitting coffee and getting full mobility back in her - what she thought - osteo-arthritic fingers.

I really tried to follow suit, but I just have zero willpower to quit my one to two cup a day addiction (a rather modest addiction for someone like me...).

So I decided to try another trick, mentioned by my Italian friend Francesco - drinking espresso coffee instead of filter coffee. The theory is that the filtering process of your normal Swedish coffee leaches too many toxins out of the coffee grounds, which makes for a larger amount of irritating substances compared to espresso.

Our rather modest collection of espresso magic makers
After reading up on the link between coffee and osteoarthritis, I gave it a go. The change wasn't as quick as for Cat, but I would say that after a month 99% of the pain and 95% of the swelling is gone. Success!

Especially after the rather tragic experiment of fasting this summer, that did absolutely nothing for my fingers (but everything for the start of a six-pack, but that is another story.)

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