Friday, 11 December 2015

Ice, Ice Baby

I've been obsessed with cold showers since I was 16. It all started because I had read somewhere that cellulite, the supposed bane of the female population, could be cured with cold showers. 

So at this (sad) point in my life, my teenage self decided she would end every warm shower with a cold one. Not that it worked against little dimples on my arse, but somehow it grew into an obsession that I couldn't live without. It felt so good!!

Fast forward to my late thirties and I started taking it to another level. I had (thankfully) abandoned the cellulite obsession long ago (the things us women are suckered into... but that's another rant altogether). Instead I was reading more and more about strengthening my immune system with cold showers. So I started ONLY showering cold. And got even more addicted to it. 

After a tip from my Norwegian partner in crime, Andreas "Paleoterapeuten" Døn, I have now found yet another reason to worship cold water - Wim Hof, the Iceman. Ey, ey, ey, now that is something to emulate... The guy is incredible, using his breath to manipulate his body to cope with extreme cold, but also using his mind to influence his immune and hormonal system to withstand stress and disease. I listened to this interview last night. 

With the help of his breathing exercises, I could hold my breath for a minute and a half without  blinking, but more importantly, I could make my body produce HEAT very quickly to counteract my rather cold bedroom. Interesting! And a bit sweaty. 

Wim also made a point of that we wear way too much clothing, which in turn reduces the amount of fat-burning "brown fat" in our bodies. I assume that I have quite a bit of brown fat from my incessant cold showers, as I heat up very quickly when working in cold weather, but I still insist on wearing a lot of layers (because mamma says so...). 

Hence, I decided to test out a few things today. I went for a run in my flimsiest barefoot shoes, sans socks, wearing leggings and two T-shirts. It was 5 degrees and rainy. Apart from my hands, the rest of my body stayed warm. 

Flesh-coloured tank top weather
Then I went for a dip, immersing myself up to my neck in the river for about ten seconds. Still not cold. Ran back. For good measure, I removed one of the T-shirts. Still not cold.

Interesting! Let's see if this new obsession has more benefits than just interesting anecdotes! I certainly felt extremely good afterwards and my body is still buzzing from it three hours later. 

Who needs a towel when the wind is blowing?

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