Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Vengeance of the Dairy Fairy

Oh man, I never learn, do I? A week and a bit of cheating with dairy and I am paying for it big time. I'm supposed to be studying like a madwoman these last few days before I start my PT course in Gothenburg but all I can do is stupidly stare at my left and right labeled hiking socks whilst breathing through my mouth. Gah!

Am surprised I managed to put them on correctly
The last time I got a cold was when I left London. Similar scenario: Cecilia stays with friends and starts abusing their Nespresso machine, drinking quadruple espressos with cream, because who can be bothered to make egg latte in someone else's kitchen? Top that off with some cheese omelette and cheese platters at the local winery and some of that organic ice cream down the road and the Dairy Fairy gets her fearsome fairy sprinkles a-ready. A few sneezes from a fellow tube passenger and they start working their magic and BOOM, Cecilia gets a cold. Awesome.

The worst part, however, was the extra turbocharged PMS pain that never fails to impress! Instead of spending Sunday morning brunch with London family and friends, I was a blubbering incoherent pile of excruciating pain, covered in a cold sweat.

2-0 to the Dairy Fairy.

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