Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Experimenting and Planning for Spring

So... our second growing season is fast approaching and I am just as excited as last year about growing our own vegetables. There's no better feeling than getting dirt under your nails and watching things grow in your own garden. Having one year under our belts means that we have learned a little bit about our land and our growing conditions, so hopefully we will have a slightly bit better yield and will be able to be self-sufficient for a longer period of time.
Garlic, shallots and strawberries got their own beds this year
Instead of rushing into things, I decided to follow our good friend Tina's growing schedule (check out her farm and courses at Genevad Nygård). That means, the peppers and chillies were planted in January and the tomatoes have just been seeded and hopefully won't get so darn lanky this year!
Peppers and chillies taking over the office
I am also experimenting with a hot bed for growing vegetables. I have access to fresh manure from our sheep and chickens, so why not attempt this way of growing? Hmm. So far, it is not going amazingly well. The manure is supposed to heat up and allow me to grow things earlier in the season, but so far, I haven't seen much progress on the heating front... we shall see and I will continue experimenting.
Hot bed... not so hot.
More updates to follow soon!

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