Friday, 7 October 2016

Of Sheep and Shoes

I got to tag along to an "amateur" sheep shearing session this morning. I call it amateur as opposed to professional, because my friends P and J do it themselves rather than pay a professional for it. I was curious to see whether this could be an option for us as well.

Most of the sheep actually seemed to enjoy the shearing
To be honest, I am not sure that this makes financial sense to us just yet, given the cost for the shears. However, it was nice to see how calm the affair was, with even the most boisterous sheep easily being managed by two people. Our professional Mr B obviously does his sheep at a fraction of the time, flipping the sheep on their bottoms rather than having them stand, but it was good to see that it is possible for us to do it on our own, should we ever wish to.

Anyhow, I showed up at 8:30 in my sandals (not really wanting to acknowledge that autumn is upon us). Before getting in the car, I took them off and put on my old hiking boots. The main reason is that I want to avoid spreading possible disease between the farms (this is something that is mentioned again and again in "sheep forums": always, always change and clean your footwear!) and those hiking boots have never been used since I moved back to Sweden.

No, this piece of the foot puzzle does not fit with the other... Also, WHAT IS UP WITH THE HEELS?
Oh man, I had completely forgotten what it is like to wear this type of footwear! They are like casts on your feet, preventing your feet from moving AT ALL and apparently, that is the point... Even ballerinas are better than that. I cannot believe I spent a week hiking in the mountains with these. I wouldn't last a day in them now.

My Luna sandals having a well-deserved bath in the sink

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