Sunday, 7 August 2016

Three Little Piggies - And Then There Were Two

When we decided to get pigs, we wanted two young sows to plow up our field and eventually feed us in the winter.

When Mr B suggested we keep a third one, just for him, we just couldn't say no. He's helped us immeasurably with our sheep, so we were happy to oblige!

Peppa in the front, Mr B's Hermione T in the back
Things didn't quite go to plan, though. When Mr B's pig stumbled out of the transport, we thought she was just a bit disoriented after the drive. She promptly went to lie down.

Given our scant experience with pigs - none - we couldn't really judge whether anything was wrong.

But on the second day, we noticed a distinct limp. And she just wasn't as lively as her sisters. Once she had eaten, she went to lay down again, whereas her sisters were chasing each other in the field and kept busy digging.

Sadly, she deteriorated quickly after that, so we had to ask her former owner to come collect her. As she was very poorly, the only option was to shoot her and take her body away.

The last traces of Mr B's sow

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