Friday, 19 February 2016

Movement on the Radio

Yesterday, Cecilia and I were on the radio again. For the sixth time! Listen to the show on P4 Halland with Anna Carlsson (only in Swedish). We are on from 1:04.

This time we spoke at about movement and posture, something that we are all passionate about. Modern human spends far too much time sitting down and slouching, which has some seriously adverse consequences for us. Our posture impacts our breathing, digestion and blood circulation, just to name a few things.

It doesn't have to be this way - we are built for movement and we can regain it by getting a bit uncomfortable. For example, sitting or squatting on the floor instead of slouching in the sofa (there is no such thing as a straight back in a sofa) may be uncomfortable at first, but you will slowly build up movement in hips, ankles and knees to regain some of that mobility you are meant to have.

Spending more time walking and standing - getting a bit more uncomfortable compared to escalators, lifts and cars will also improve mobility. Then you can move on from there and take every opportunity you get to move like children do: start crawling, jumping and rolling in the woods, get some rings or bars to play around on. Movement doesn't have to mean working out or going to a yoga class, it can happen whenever and whereever you are. No excuses! Go do it!
Adults are allowed to play too.
After the show, Anna received an email from an 80 year old listener who complained that she would not be able to do any of our suggested movements after two hip operations. Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to respond this on air. If you are very stiff and are experiencing pain in your joints, then you may not be able to sit down in a full squat or sit cross-legged on the floor straight away. But you can always do something! Where is your limit today? Find that and then slowly push the boundary. Being 80 years old does not mean that you only get stiffer, you can reverse this, so get out there and get moving!

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