Sunday, 31 January 2016

29 Day Reset in February

It has been a full two years since my first "Whole 30". Back then it was an experiment to see what happened and whether I could lose some of the excess around my waist (after pregnancy). This time I am drawn to it because the food at Christmas and New Year left me feeling a bit blah. Bloated, swollen, run-down immune system and some minor skin issues.

So what does it mean for me? I am doing a paleo reset, i.e. go back to basics and just eat proper paleo food. Over time quite a few things that are OK-ish to eat sneak their way into your diet... Among other things: cheese, paleo treats, too many cups of coffee, dark chocolate, paleo-friendly porridge to name a few. So for 29 days of February I will avoid the following:

  • Coffee (too many cups of these since I noticed that I could tolerate espresso)
  • Dairy (bye-bye cheese and butter)
  • Sugar and sweeteners, incl honey (no more dark chocolate)
  • Anything that resembles cake or dessert even if it is sugar-free
  • Bread/knäckebröd (no fun without the butter and cheese anyway)
  • Grains (no buckwheat porridge)
  • Alcohol
More of this
None of this.
Cecilia is joining me on this 29-day adventure with her own special list. We will be great fun to live with!

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