Thursday, 24 September 2015

Loving Our Village!

Here's a declaration of love to our village, Simlångsdalen.
Our apple trees decided that this wasn't going to be their year; we can count the number of apples for human consumption on one hand. The miniature, worm eaten ones are happily devoured by the chickens.
Lucky for us, we live in Simlångsdalen with generous people like Ylva and Anders who kindly let us pick as many apples as we wanted from their enormous apple trees. They even provided the apple picking tool! Two trips and four big baskets full of apples later and we have made eight litres of apple juice, which is fermenting into apple cider vinegar, and several jars of unsweetened apple sauce.
We are so grateful! Here's a big thank you to Ylva and Anders! Mwauh!

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