Sunday, 20 September 2015

Getting Creative and Sour with the Harvest

Part of the not so ripe harvest - the really green ones are hiding at the bottom of the bowl.
Spring was late and summer a bit cold, which means we have a load of green tomatoes. What to do? Time to put the thinking cap on and hey presto… I came up with fermented green tomato salsa.
Chop, chop, chop.
Chop up a couple of kilos of green tomatoes, add around two tablespoons of salt and four to five chopped chilis (including the seeds). Mix well and squish with your hands till you get loads of liquid. Fill glass jars and make sure you press the tomatoes down, removing any air bubbles. Let the jars sit on your kitchen counter under a towel for around a week (or somewhere else dark and at room temperature). Taste it and if it is to your liking, then put it in your fridge to consume within a few months. If it isn't sour enough, then leave it on your counter, tasting every few days.

Green + red = brown.

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