Monday, 10 August 2015

Self-Sufficiency Update

So, I thought I'd give an update on the self-sufficiency project we have going on... I don't know about the rest of Europe, but we probably experienced the coldest and windiest spring in living memory in Sweden. We had to keep reminding ourselves of this, so that we didn't get discouraged by the slow progress in the vegetable patch. It is only when our fellow vegetable growers complained about losing two thirds of their squash plants in the cold that I could relax and think "it is not just me or the land that can't grow vegetables!"
Beautiful rainbow chard
Up until the middle of July, we had some lettuce, onion tops, chives and radishes from the vegetable patch. Nothing else was done yet, regardless of how many times a day I inspected progress.
Parsnips for a fermentation experiment
Everything has started ripening now and August seems to be our month! Carrots, parsnips, courgettes, potatoes, cabbages are all doing great and we are finally able to be self-sufficient for our vegetable needs. Hooray! We'll see how long we can go on.
Our hens have finally started laying eggs again after aaages. Two were looking after chicks and one was just broody. We are far from self-sufficient on eggs, but with with the addition of two hen-chicks hatched this year, we will be a little bit closer next year. For now, we will just enjoy their quirky company and thank them for the great fertiliser.
Finally! Keep the eggs coming!
Foraging has been really successful with blueberries coming out of our ears and Mamma Paulsson finding mushrooms in the woods. The lingonberry season is just starting and there are more mushrooms on their way. Exciting times ahead.
This was just the start of the blueberry frenzy

This is what I wrote in April: Self-Sufficiency in Kannesten.

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