Thursday, 16 July 2015

Stacking Wood

Our latest guest, Paul, flew in on Saturday from London for a long weekend before heading over to Stockholm for a short break.

We had, a couple of days earlier, secured around 20 cubic metres of firewood for next winter from a local farmer.  He was planning to deliver the first load bright and early on Monday morning, so we needed to prepare for the delivery.

We had decided to move the wood stack from its current location in the garage to next to the stables, as we are planning to do some work on the garage later in the year. This meant building a new fence to protect the wood from inclement weather and to prevent it from being blown away. With Paul's expert help in cutting numerous timber planks down to size we finished the fence in good time, so we pulled out the scythes….no rest for the wicked.

As agreed, the first 3 cubic meter load was delivered first thing Monday morning and the mammoth stacking task began. For the entire day wood was being neatly arranged in 2m high rows. Six deliveries later we had our source of heating and hot water for next winter safely tucked away to dry.

Paul, we will remember your efforts when we are warm and toasty this winter!

(PS: for more photos of Paul's visit, look at his instagram feed here)

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