Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Welcome Sheep

On Monday, we welcomed our first four-legged guests to Kannesten. A friendly neighbour is lending us seven rams for a few weeks in order to eat some of our now very plentiful grass. We are treating it as 'try before you buy' and we were all smitten as soon as they moved in. It is a great feeling seeing the sheep munch in our field. It is as if they simply belong there and the field didn't have a purpose before they arrived. Very deep, I know.

We are now more convinced than ever before that we need some sheep for our land. There are so many benefits:
  1. They eat the grass and shrubs in the field. As a result we don't need to spend hours with the scythe. There are more than enough areas where we can do our core exercises with the scythe.
  2. They poop, i.e. they fertilise the fields. We may even collect some to feed our vegetables, which feed us. I love the biodynamic thing!
  3. They make you happy by just looking at them. Hours can be spent watching them graze.
  4. They have lambs, which are even cuter.
  5. Their meat is tasty. 
  6. The wool is beautiful.
I can't wait until we have some of our own! Meanwhile, I will enjoy looking at the seven handsome rams.

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