Saturday, 9 May 2015

Quick Update from the Paleo Commune

These last few weeks have been really busy, but good. Our website and Facebook page were still just basic text when we decided to participate in Turista Hemma a few weeks ago, so we've spent a lot of time writing, translating and taking photos. At the same time, we've tidied up the grounds, painstakingly finished the fifth vegetable bed (we’re saving the sixth for our summer guests…), filled the other beds with seedlings and seeds, moving berry bushes around, raked the paddock (Si is a very strong man), painted signs and designed leaflets.  But now we're ready to show off our lovely Kannesten and our services in nutrition, training and Paleo cooking classes. We’re so excited!

Three out of a gazillion to-do lists
For those who aren't familiar with Turista Hemma: it is an event to encourage people who live in Halland to be tourists in their own neighbourhoods. So for one day, local businesses strut their stuff to the locals. And there is plenty to be proud of out here! I have rarely met so many entrepreneurial spirits before - all of them with an incredible can-do attitude. There are so many of them, I shall leave that for later blog posts: the whirlwind hotel owner, the Dutch moose shop, the award-winning chili greenhouse builder and the Bournemouth born and bred tea lady, to name just a few.

On a different note, our rooster Ray is still being a nuisance. I described his behaviour to the expert panel at the rare breed club and their response was no surprise: he should be removed. Harsh, but best for the flock, as he isn't fulfilling his end of the deal. I’m just going to savour having 4 chickens a tiny bit more, as I guess I will be the one putting an end to his short life. Deep breaths, very deep.

Anyhow, onwards and upwards! Tomorrow is the big day, we can’t wait to open our doors to our neighbours, family and friends. Välkomna!

Who can resist?

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