Wednesday, 15 April 2015

First Guests at Paulsson Paleo HQ

We recently had our first guests staying at Paulsson Paleo HQ; my parents made their first visit and stayed over the Easter break. It was very exciting for me, as I wanted to show them what we had been up to and for them to experience our new and very different lives. 

As you would expect at the beginning of April, the weather was a bit mixed, we pretty much had everything and sometimes all in one day. This did not stop us from getting tasks done and we were grateful for the two extra pairs of hands. The week mainly consisted of digging, turning over the vegetable beds, clearing branches, burning branches, erecting a safety net for the chickens and a lot of trail walking. Pretty hectic and tiring, but satisfying. 

On Påskafton we had our first campfire, burning some of the branches we had cleared and grilling sausages on sticks, very tasty and the break was very welcome. The grill area is turning into one of our favourite spots, surrounded by forest, sheltered from the wind and a sun trap. We will be eating down there quite often this summer.

Mum and Dad giving a helping hand during the Easter Week
It wasn't all work and Mum and Dad managed to get out and explore some of the beautiful trails that surround us, taking in the lakes Brearedssjön and Simlången and seeing Danska Fall. I think they had an enjoyable week, we certainly did and we hope that they will be the first of many guests coming to stay at Paulsson Paleo HQ.


  1. You guys rock!

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