Sunday, 22 March 2015

Picture Food Diary - Day 1

I thought it was about time that I shared an example of our weekly menu, as some people wonder how we can survive without bread and various other types of food. Hopefully this will provide some inspiration to try out Paleo food. Starting today, I'll be sharing photos of our food for one week… well, the food that I eat anyway, since we all have our own variations of what we eat.

Breakfast eggs sizzling away on the wood fired stove
For a special weekend breakfast, we had fried eggs, home-cured bacon, some cabbage salad and a few slices of apple. Enjoyed with glass of kefir and cup of coffee. It was Sunday after all.

Lunch comes served in a giant mug. Today it included ox tongue, chopped roasted vegetables, a tablespoon of rice  and some other bits of leftovers. This was then topped with hot bone broth. Simple and definitely needed in this cold weather!

Dinner was beef burgers, big spoon of garlic mayo and cabbage two ways: sautéed and chopped in a salad with carrots and beetroot.

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