Friday, 27 March 2015

Day 6

It's day 6 and breakfasts seem to be on repeat. Probably because we have a winning concept going.

Breakfast was chia seed porridge. This time with dried orange peel, avocado, kiwi, apple and orange. Nice tangy flavour to it.

Straight chia porridge before the flavours are added
Looking a bit more appetising once the fruit is there!

Lunch was enjoyed at Little T's nursery again, hence no photo, but it was pretty good today: "taco soup", which was basically minced beef soup. Not too bad, I just skipped the bread and tortillas.

It was my turn to cook dinner and fish seemed suitable for a Friday. I made herring in creamy, dill tomato sauce with cauliflower/celeriac/butternut squash mash… and cabbage salad.
Fancy plate for Friday night dinner

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