Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Day 4 of my Food Diary

It's Wednesday and it's been a good food day, but then everyday is. We take turns cooking and we all have our different styles, which spices things up and adds a lot of variety to the meals - apart from the ever present cabbage salad :)

Breakfast was a cold chia seed porridge with apple, orange, banana and coconut flakes. Basically a rerun from Monday, but slightly different, as mother Paulsson made it.

I spent another day at Little T's nursery, so this time I packed my own lunch… It consisted of omelette, carrot sticks and some liver pâté.

Dinner was sliced beef tongue, sweet potato and celeriac mash and cabbage salad. Yum! Cecilia will have to share the recipe for beef tongue some time. It is surprisingly tender and all I know is that it involves a slow cooker for several hours.

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