Thursday, 29 January 2015

Planning for Spring

View from the window… brr!
It may be snowing outside, but we are in full planning mode at Paulsson Paleo HQ. We have big plans for self-sufficiency, so we want to get it as right as possible in our first year of growing crops. So far we have surveyed our land (stomped around the field), discussed and ordered seeds. We already have quite a few seeds from prior years, but needed to add to our stash: winter squash, cucumber, beetroot, broad beans, sunflowers, kale, white cabbage, little gem lettuce, leek and corn. We are dreaming of / planning for chickens, and some of the produce will be for their winter feed as well as our own. Specifically the broad beans, sunflowers and corn should make the chickens happy.

Warm and cozy pepper seeds
There isn't too much actual doing at the moment, but we have started tentatively with peppers, as they take a long time to grow: three yellow peppers, three red peppers and three chillies are in a little greenhouse on the kitchen window sill. We also decided to test out growing some seeds in a colder environment, so three red peppers and three chillies moved out into the stables, where there is a balmy 8 degrees. Brr! 


  1. What about the fancy seeds from us...:)

    1. Don't worry, Duncan, they will also be put into the ground. I'm particularly looking forward to the chocolate cherry tomatoes. :)