Saturday, 24 January 2015

First week in Sweden. #movetoSWE

Our first full week in Sweden is coming to an end and unfortunately for me, I return to the UK tomorrow for two weeks, to tidy up some loose ends at work.

Time has flown by but we have accomplished a lot in the few days we have been here. The house and location are far better than I remember when we came to view the property for the first time back in late September. 


Firstly, the location is really secluded, we are enclosed on all sides by a dense forest of pine trees, but due to the undulating topography we have a good vantage point. This meant for the first few days, we did not see any other beings - a bit strange coming from London and probably the hardest thing to get used to. It is incredibly peaceful and the best bit is that we can walk out of our front door and have no-end of trails to walk, run, and cycle on and lakes, streams, waterfalls to swim in (in the summer of course). Perfect!

The house is large, which it needs to be to fit us all in. Bringing everyone together means that we have a lot of stuff. The week has been boxes and paper galore, unpacking and repacking, sorting and discarding, moving up and down, and trying to understand the technical aspects of working with a heating system off-grid. We are all getting used to its peculiarities and I am sure it will become second nature very soon, still, firing up the wood burning stove in the morning so we can cook breakfast feels very liberating.

We are really looking forward to settling in further, starting to plan for the next few months ahead, meeting more of the locals and understanding what makes this place tick. For me, I think it is going to take a while for Breared to feel like home and not a holiday location, but I reckon once the hard work begins and we start to stamp our mark on the place, we are going to have so much fun seeing it evolve and having family and friends stay.

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